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Features Introduction Of Automated Production Lines

Weifang Wilton Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Automated production line in the production of a very wide range of enterprise applications, it can improve production efficiency, the type of automated production lines a lot. How to choose the right automated production line equipment, in addition to understanding the number of components participate in assembly, engineering bits, there are productivity, a flexible assembly line and price.

Automated production line type and characteristics are as follows:

A disc rotation synchronized assembly line

Features: A typical structure of the disc. Operated by the cam, 4 to 24 workers as simple structure, low investment, reliable, high-precision, high productivity, durability, smaller footprint. Limited mounting space is limited step, the speed is determined by the slowest step, any step of failure will cause the machine to stop running, flexible low.

Applications: a small number of steps; the product has a large and stable quantities; each time the process is similar.

Second, the straight synchronous assembly line

Features: indexing means are usually operated by a cam drive, the transmission can be divided into upper and lower ring surface type and track type, typically belt or chain type steel. Years into the belt engaging elements replaced by finishing stamping parts, by ball joints. Continuous number of steps, simple, reliable, reasonable accuracy, durability, large assembly space velocity is determined by the slowest step, any step of failure will cause the machine to stop running, flexible low cost and are more than covering disc rotary transfer mechanism.

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